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The Art of the JV: Southern Waters Capital's Blueprint for Success

Southern Waters Capital Cashes in on BTR Demand with “Market Rate Attainable” Developments

Florida developer Southern Waters Capital dishes on Orlando real estate opportunities

Unlocking Value Through Land Rezoning: Exclusive Interview with Southern Waters Capital

Navigating Current Market Volatility in the Build-to-Rent Sector

OZ Investments for Uncertain Times

Navigating Current Market Volatility in the Built-To-Rent Sector

Home Builders Offer to Sell Homes in Bulk at Discount to Investors

Community Development Districts (CDDs)- an Important Infrastructure Financing Tool to Support Growth in Florida.

Market Rate Attainable Multifamily Housing is a Safe Harbor in Stormy Economic Seas

The Friendship Café in Florida will employ adults with special needs

The Friendship Cafe to open in Florida offering adults with special needs restaurant skills as entry to employment

Race is on to scoop up build-to-rent sites in Orlando

Ground Up Development In Florida Submarkets, With Ray Mazzie

CRS230 Ray Mazzie: Avoiding Brain Damage When Developing Real Estate

Dollars & Dirt: I-75 the Modern Day Road to El Dorado

Creative Capital Podcast 193: Creative Fund Strategy For Build-To-Rent Development with Ray Mazzie

New Year, New Focus

BUILDING BURDEN Rising construction costs weigh down profits

Valuations are just Bananas Now

Build-For-Rent Manufactured Housing

Florida Brightline: A Private Development & Public Finance Success Story

6 Myths of Manufactured Housing

EPISODE 25 - Dean Myerow, Southern Waters Capital

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